Autumn Sun


So… If you’ve looked at my last post you’ll know (shameless plug) that over the past weeks have been a bit crazy for me.

To deal with any stress and anxiety I’ve found that taking a few moments out, to have a nice walk in the autumn sun with my dog has been a great way to de-stress. This is a not a review post… I know I have not uncovered something wild or new, BUT it is something that has really been working for me so I wanted to share it with you guys.


I know it might sound like a really sad thing to say as a nineteen year old uni student BUT I don’t really care- I love a good walk in the crunchy, pretty leaves! It has been helping a lot and been making me feel slightly more like myself, which is always good. AND, for once I’ve found a des-stressing technique that doesn’t involve the aftermath of guilt that wine and chocolate often has… Although they are also GREAT.


I know the weather is getting colder and more miserable but surely this means we should make more effort to take time out now whilst it’s still nice! So basically… I think it shouldn’t matter what else we should or could be doing instead… If you have a spare few minutes BE SELFISH and take some time out for YOU. 


It doesn’t matter if walking isn’t your thing, why not sit somewhere and get some fresh air and some autumnal sunshine…I think it always makes you feel better.

That’s my plan anyway.

Happy November! 

October is Over…

So I wanted October to be a super fun festive month filled with lots of exciting things… although I have made a few nice trips out sometimes life isn’t as kind to us as we’d like. I’m happy to admit that October was a really difficult month…but I‘m hopeful that the rest of November will be a better month. 


In other words I’m putting my positive pants on (I don’t care how corny that sounds) and trying to take everything that is going on at the moment as a test of strength. I’m taking a calmer , less stressed approach…so in other words- C’est La Vie! 


I wanted to put this post on tonight because I don’t think people are honest enough about things on social media (me included). The temptation to get wrapped up in what your life looks like to others often leads us to posting things which aren’t really a full picture. I’m not suggesting that we should post our whole lives online… but sometimes its nice to read someone’s honest account of things rather than a more edited view.


So on this Sunday night… I’m taking a look at everything in my life and seeing the positivity in it.

Despite having a lot to deal with I feel up to the challenge of putting myself first and making positive steps forward over the next week.

I hope you’re all doing the same! 

Have an amazing week and if in doubt get festive…

(It’s November now so I’m sure its allowed!). 


Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush- Worth it?

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post… I’ve been struggling without a laptop for over a month, but have finally got a new one. So here I am.

Right…Back to point of this post. The Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush and whether it’s worth the price tag.

The Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is sold on the website for £79.00. Whilst the accompanying Foaming Sonic Facial Soap is £16.50. There’s also a package deal which is priced at £95.50.

Pictures from:


So is it worth the money?

As I have been using both of these products for almost a year now, I feel fully able to judge their efficiency as products. Both together and alone.

Review of Cleansing Brush: 

Having never used a brush for cleansing before overall, I have really enjoyed using it.

It suggests on the website that this cleansing system should be used daily, but I personally use it every other day. I started out using it daily (as recommended) but with very sensitive skin, I felt this was too much and it caused me to break out a little.

Since using it every other day my skin has got much better, a vast improvement on what it was previously. 

The brush itself is cleverly designed with the green section at the top being angled to focus on the T-Zone. The bristles of the green section are more firm than the rest (as they should be) but still sensitive enough on the skin.

I personally think that the brush itself does it’s job wonderfully and has certainly helped my skin. Yet, I’m unsure if its worth the price tag.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 22.14.24.png

It’s useful that the brush can be easily charged, cleaned and is waterproof. But… the fact that the brush cannot (or should not) be used to remove makeup is a down side and for the money I would have expected that this would be possible. I suppose it’s your place to judge whether this is important to you or not, and therefore whether it’s worth the money. 

For me this is not a major issue, so I feel its worth the money. I would repurchase it myself and recommend it to a friend (and to you guys of course!).


Review of the Facial Cleansing Soap:

Again I enjoyed using this product, it smells nice, foams well and leaves the skin feeling very clean. Exactly what I want from a soap!

I received two soaps with my cleansing brush (the whole set was a gift from my mum) and they lasted me a good few months, despite their small size, as you only need a small amount!

Although I enjoyed using these soaps I have not repurchased them. I feel that £16.50 for the soaps alone is extremely expensive and I don’t feel these alone are worth the price tag. I have since been using other foaming cleansers instead, my personal favourite at the moment is the “Simple Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser“, it still leaves the fresh, clean feeling and foams really well.

AND currently this Cleanser is on offer for £2.19 at Superdrug!


So… that’s it from me! I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know if you have used any of these products or similar ones AND what you think of them of course!









Typo Stationary Haul 📝 📚

I’m not sure how normal it is but I love all things stationary and the prettier, the better. As a result, I’m always on the look out for websites/shops that sell it… especially as it comes close to a new academic year at uni!

So, when I heard about from one of my friends, I had to have a look. Once I did, I knew than an order would have to be on the cards… 👀

So, today I’m sharing my little haul with you guys…

My first thought when it comes to stationary for a new academic year is always the prospect of new pencil case, and on Typo you are spoilt for choice. There’s loads of different styles, patterns and colours so I’m sure they’ll be something for everyone. I found this “Bits ‘n’ pieces” case, which I love! The different colours and patterns are RIGHT up my street, and the gold lettering brings everything together. IMG_1891

Once the pencil case is nailed, the next thing I always consider is pens and pencils (of course)! Again Typo do not disappoint, they have a great range that are all super cool and very instagram worthy. I went for these “Printed Multi Pens” in both the daisy print and the pink unicorn print, as well as the aqua & gold “Pencil me in” pencils. I like to use a range of colours when taking notes, so these pens are perfect for me. The pencils are also ideal for me scribbling down ideas for essays (or for procrastination via blog post ideas or doodles).

Hating to state the obvious… BUT with great pencils, comes great responsibility… to get a great pencil sharpener (of course)! Typo have some of the most crazy & qwerky sharpeners and I went for this rose gold number to go with my (apparent) gold theme. Although it is much bigger than I originally expected I still love it. It might not be the most practical, as it’s too big to go in a pencil case, I think it will look amazing on my desk and double up as a cute little accessory piece.

Next, I went on to look at notebooks and WOW... they have SO many amazing ones! Just go and have a look, honestly you’ll be spoilt for choice, I certainly was. I did however, manage to contain my excitement and refrain from buying one of each colour & style (it was very tough though, as you can imagine).

Instead I bought these four which were my favourite of the bunch! The first is an A5, whilst the other three are A4. I’ll be using all for uni work expect for the last one which I plan to create a shrine for…OR use it for craft & blog ideas. I’m still unsure. 😝 😝 😝


The next thing I bought were simple folder dividers, which was the only area Typo disappointed a tad… There were only two different options for dividers, the ones I bought (which can be seen below) or some plain brown craft style ones. Although I do like the colours in these dividers, other stationary stores do seem to have a better range. I can’t really bring myself to complain about these though, as I think Typo have nailed every other aspect of the stationary field…


In total contrast… I was beyond impressed with the range of homeware accessories offered by Typo. They have some amazing things, including some gorgeous lighting options. They have everything from patterned lantern lights, fairy lights, light boxes AND (best of all for me) mini marque letters to use to spell out initials etc.

I bought two letters, one for my first initial and one for my boyfriends. As well as an “&” sign in plain black to tie the two together. I plan to use them on our desks at university as a cute little accessory… I am super pleased with how they look!

To finish my little stationary/homeware haul I decided to branch out into other areas of their range. I got a few rather random little pieces including: a gold glitter phone case, an “F” initial sticker (to go on my laptop or a folder) and a sleep mask because…well…WHY NOT?


So overall… it’s safe to say that I’m thrilled with all of my purchases from Typo. I think they have some brilliant products at really decent prices. They also have frequent sales which means getting lots of these products for a steal! So I’d say it’s definitely worth being on their mailing list!

Also a tip to ALL of you guys…

If you join the Typo mailing list you also receive 20% off your first order, which got me a massive saving on all of this stuff… So I’d recommend it!

None of this is sponsored (I wish 😂!!)… So I purchased all of these items myself after a friend recommended the site to me!

I simply wanted to share my experience with you guys, and it’s been fab. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading and looking at all of this stuff as much as I’ve enjoyed telling you about it!

Thanks for reading, please let me know if you like these type of posts and I can do more for you! 








Could NYX be better than MAC?💄

 Picture 1 from:

I apologise for the crazy selfie… I’m not a self obsessed weirdo (I promise) I just wanted to try and show you how fab this NYX matte lip cream is!

💋 This shade is called “Stockholm” or 02 and it is dreamy.

💋 For me these liquid lipsticks are a new favourite.

The reason for my sudden addiction to these bad boys is because they are simply a great all rounder. The smell, consistency, shades and price have really surprised me. They are currently priced at £5.50 in Boots online and in stores, which is incredible considering that their shades (in my opinion) rival those of higher priced brands such as MAC. I would argue that this shade in particular (Stockholm) and it’s sister shade ‘London’ are both very comparable to MAC’s popular shade ‘velvet teddy’.

💋 The smell of the creams is fantastic as well. So far I have collected five from the range, and all have a vanilla buttercream scent which is good enough to eat.

💋 When discussing the consistency of the NYX range it’s important to remember that they are not ordinary lipsticks, they are all liquid lip creams. This originally made me wary, as my past experiences with liquid lipsticks have not been positive. I’ve tried a few liquid lipsticks from different brands and all have cracked and flaked on the lips. But, this one is JUST perfect. No cracking or flaking, and all the shades I’ve tried seem to last much longer than a normal lipstick.

So… I guess this is just me giving you the heads up…  If you haven’t tried these bad boys, I’d give them a go! I’m not saying these are better than MAC lipsticks but they are certainly something new and different that is worth a go. I’ve been recommending them to all my friends and family, so thought I’d let any of you in on my latest obsession.




Pinterest in action 💡Home DIY’S💡

I don’t know about you, but I am most definitely Pinterest obsessed.  So, any opportunity to test a Pinterest idea, I’m ALL in. 

One of my more recent attempts was the sparkly jar DIY… Although, to be honest this did not particularly require much DIY knowledge or ability.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 20.08.23.png

As you can see… there are many different styles in the sparkly jar trend. As a first attempt and as a total novice, I thought I’d better go for the most simple approach.

So, to make mine I used:

  1. An empty glass jar (previously containing pasta sauce 😋🍝)
  2. Battery operated fairy lights

Wow… I’m unsure that required a list.

Anyway, I opted for battery operated lights rather than plug in as it meant I could move the jar around freely in any area of a room and in whichever room I wanted. I chose a set of 20 lights as I thought this would be the best fit for my jar. You can choose however many  you fancy, but be aware that they all must fit inside the jar.

I bought mine from Amazon, at a reasonable price and they worked a total treat:

💡And now for the big reveal…  Don’t they look pretty!💡




Art Journal tips

Despite the extremely motivational quote above, the whole art journal process can be quite daunting.

I know that sounds strange as it’s supposed to a way to relax, but when your a slight (MASSIVE) control freak like me, starting out with all those blank pages scared me.

I clung to YouTube and Pinterest for any possible ‘inspiration’… or for them tell where the heck to start. After spending a crazy amount of hours and considering spending hundreds of pounds on some expensive gear (which would instantly turn me into Van Gogh)…  I found that actually, there is no ‘right way’ to start. And you certainly don’t need lots of expensive tools or materials, using the stuff you already have around the house makes better more personal pages.

Some people find it best to plan out what their page will look like before starting. But, I personally choose a colour or pattern and make it up from there. I realise this is totally against my mega-organisational-crazy-person instincts, but that makes me love it even more. The possibility that it all could go completely wrong is 100% part of the fun. 

So if your thinking of starting an art journal or any sort of journal really, my advice…

Flippin’ go for it!

Don’t mess around, get on and give it a go. What’s the worst that could happen? Nobody ever needs to see it.

Unless you do a blog, and post pictures of it online for all of the WWW to see… 👀 



To Start…

Many of you may find this blog totally uninteresting and to be honest I would NOT blame IMG_0535you!

I have never written a blog or anything of the sort. I tried writing diaries as a child but failed miserably.

More recently on a trip to London I bought the most beautiful notebook, with the intention of using it as a diary or just a place to gather thoughts. After a few days of ownership I noticed my beloved (potential) diary had a very noticeable, distinct, and extremely unpleasant smell of wee. So…I thought it best to leave the beautiful notebook alone.

Thus meaning that my great (and totally unoriginal) idea to “gather my thoughts” in one specific place came to an end once more.
So… This is my next adventure.

Hopefully it is my final attempt to create something in which to discuss my thoughts/feelings/views on certain things, somewhere to share stories of the people and places I encounter and just have a laugh really. I’m hoping it’s going to be something I can look back on in the future and laugh at how pathetic my existence was a “young and wild” teenager.

With only one year left as a teen (I’m currently at the rare age of 19) I thought it best to get moving… and to share all of this with you (my non-existent audience).

And there you have it. Blog started.

Here are some pictures of London to spice things up a bit.

And remember you should NEVER start a sentence with “and”.